Postdocs Recruitment

Amicro Post Doctor Scientific Research Workshop

01Relentless Dedications to Mobile Robotic Industry’s Science Development

Enterprise Platform
  • Promising Future of Chip’s Path

  • Pre-IPO High-Tech Company

  • Exceptional Benefits Package and Sound Welfare

  • Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin

College Resources
  • Double First-class Universities

  • Abundant Resource Support for Scientific Research

  • Top Level Tutors’Group

  • Opportunities of Provincial or Above Scale Scientific Projects

02Talent Policy and Benefits & Talent Development Program

Become a Postdoc at AMICRO

  • Annual Salary 0.8-1 Million

    Provide exceptional benefits package and sound welfare

    Talent subsidies at all aspects and scientific research Incentive

    Total annual salary about ¥0.8-1 million

  • ‘Double First-class’ Universities

    Workshops and ‘Double First-class’ Universities joint recruitment and cultivation,

    Conduct scientific research and publish papers

    Accumulate rich experience

  • Ten Million Rewards for Innovative Teams

    Support innovative and entrepreneurship team grouping with the core of postdocs,

    Facilitate applying the funding for provincial team,

    Up to 80 million RMB funding support

  • Subsidiary Founder

    For outstanding talents, Amicro will start up a wholly-owned subsidiary to incubate scientific research projects.

    Post-doctoral fellow will hold technology shares and become the founders.

  • Post Doctors Completion

    Back to school with the ‘Double First-class’ post doctor background,

    or staying in the robotic chips’ field for unlimited prospects.

  • 03Amicro Talent Policy and Benefits Welfare

  • Broad Platform and Development Space

    AMICRO,leading the national and Guangdong R&D projects, offer a higher-level and broader scientific research platform; Meanwhile, once postdoctoral fellows is on board, they will be equipped with scientific project teams.

  • Talent Subsidy Policies from All Levels

    As a national high-tech enterprise in the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone, postdoctoral fellows will obtain the maximum subsidy of Zhuhai and Hengqin talent policies. Not only up to 2 million allowance for house tenancy and living, but also subsidies by other related programme.

  • Competitive Salary

    The company will provide competitive salaries in the industry and incentive bonuses.

    The incentive bonuses will consider the research fields and outcomes, individual contribution to the base and company.

  • Opportunities for High-level Talent Program

    Postdoctoral fellows with special skills and outstanding contributions will have the opportunities to join as the major role in company's "The Pearl River Talent Program", "Zhuhai Talent Program" and other high-level entrepreneurial talent projects .

  • Get Support from College Scientific Research

    Get scientific technology support, senior professors’ expertise and guidance from universities. A chance to covert theory to enterprise practice and application.

  • Policy

    04Candidate Background & Requirement


    Study or Research Field:

    • Image Recognition, Deep Learning, Robotics

    • Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics, Automation engineering

    • Computer science, Electronics, Communication Engineering

    • Mechatronic Engineering, Integrated Circuits

    • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics

    • Physics, Applied Physics, Computer Vision and etc.



    • Under 40 years old,requirement will be flexible for exceptional excellence

    • Obtain Doctor degree and be able to work full-time in scientific research

    • Solid theory and strong scientific research competency

    • Fast learner and have the sense of team spirit

    • Experienced in IC, algorithm and software design and hardware design will be prioritized.

    05Apply and Contact Information

  • Application
  • Recommendation
  • Enquiry
  • Please send the files pack of resumes, documentation of typical scientific research project and other relevant materials in the electronic version to the responsible person’s email:

    (Email Subject : Postdocs + Name + Graduation University + Subject + Research Interests.r)

    Referees shall send the personal contact information (name + phone number), reference letter, and the referral 's resume to the responsible person’s email:

    (Email Subject : Postdocs Recommendation + Referral’s Name + Graduation University + Subject + Research Interests.)

    Feel free to contact us,If you have any questions.

    Contact: Mr. Li       E-mail: