Open platform


To boost development of the robotic industry, AMICRO has developed a processor specific for robot motion control and the relevant motion control development platform. Cooperation partners like ODM factory in the field of robotics,  with R&D capability, solutions developer, could develop their own unique robotic products basing on Amicro open platform,such as cleaning robots, home robots, bank service robots, factory patrol robots and etc.

Partner:Clients provide tooling and components
Amicro:AMICRO provides hardware and software development platform
Open Platform Architecture
Mobile chassis
  • Wheels

  • Vacuum parts

  • Mop set

  • Odometer

  • Main brush

  • Side brush

  • Anti-collision cmodules

  • Drop-proof modules

  • Motor

Plastic parts’tooling, plastic parts, metal parts,PCBA and etc robot’s components
    • motor control

    • Path Planning and Navigation

    • Automatic recharge

    • Wifi extension

    • Human Machine Interface

AMICRO Platform
Hardware development kit HDK p24.png AMICRO proprietary motion control chips
Software development kit SDK
  • SLAM lib

  • Motion control lib

  • Map information lib

  • Navigation lib

This development platform is provided by Amicro on which partners can develop their own products

Cooperation partner segment:

  • ODM factory

  • R&D capable brand traders

  • Solution company

SDK and Modularization


AMICRO SDK is software development kit based on AM380S chip platform. In order to enable designers to get started quickly and shorten the development lead-time, AMICRO has specifically developed a graphical SDK development configuration tool. It is versatile featured, provides "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET" development results. It beneficial for designer and makes software development process simple and efficient.